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      EPH Fractionation & Bottlenecks in the Laboratory

      Automating EPH Fractionation in the Lab

      Tips to Pinpoint Contamination in Your Extraction Workflow for GC-MS Analysis

      Toxic Pollutants Found in Wastewater & Drinking Water

      What are Mycotoxins and Why Should I Be Wary of Them?

      How to Optimize Your Sample Filtering for Hemp, Cannabis and Edible Products

      Why would I want to use a Bead Mill over a Blender?

      PFAS Translator for the Most Common Methods

      Biotage® Horizon 5000 - Cleaning and Care

      Understanding Covid-19 Testing in Wastewater

      Improving Your EPH Fractionation Workflow

      What do you need to know about concentrating PFAS Analytes?

      Where Does Wastewater Come From?

      How will the UCMR 5 Program Help Determine if Drinking Water is Safe?

      What is Wastewater?

      The Problem of PFAS: Part 4 - Tracking Contamination

      The Importance of Air-Drying Sorbent in Preparation for GC Analyzed Extracts

      Hexachloroethane: Too Hot to Touch?

      Why is EPA Method 549.2 a Challenging Method?

      How to Reduce Sample Volumes without Sacrificing Analytical Detection Limits

      The Problem of PFAS: Part 3 - Which PFAS Method is Right for Me?

      Contaminants in your lab? What you should look for.

      Performance vs. Prescriptive Based EPA Methodology

      The Problem of PFAS: Part 2 - Top Regulations

      What to know when transitioning from EPA method 525.2 to 525.3

      The Problem of PFAS – Background

      Why Concentrate Down to 1 mL End Point? Can you go down to 0.5 mL?

      The Importance of Quality Control on Lab Solvents & SPE Consumables

      What is the difference between an Internal Standard and Surrogate?

      In Honor of World Water Day!

      Pesticide Contamination – Is That Water Safe to Drink?

      Extraction of 1,4-Dioxane from Drinking Water

      4 Tips to Keep Your Solvent Evaporator in TipTop Shape

      In Defense of Methylene Chloride

      An Alternative To n-Hexane For Doing Oil and Grease Extractions

      Why Move to Manual or Automated Solid Phase Extraction?

      Environmental Pollution – Are We All Doomed?

      Everything You Wanted to Know About EPA Method 8270 But Were Afraid to Ask

      The Hidden Dangers of Organic Solvents

      5 Sources of Phthalate and Adipate Contamination You Probably Didn’t Know About

      Common Mistakes by the Lab Series: The Pain of Contaminated Squeeze Bottles

      How to plan for dirty samples for both extraction and analysis

      Myth Busters: Smaller Sample Volumes - EPA Method 1664B

      Simplifying Water Extractions with SPE – One Matrix, One Method Extraction

      Overcoming drying and concentrating bottlenecks in the lab

      How does your sample prep change for LC/MS vs GC/MS

      Are You Contaminating Your Samples During Evaporation?

      Reusable vs single-use disk holders – Which is best-suited for your application?

      Automated SPE and FT-IR Detection – Expanded Detection Possibilities

      SLE, SPE and LLE – How are Those Different?

      Does it matter whether your dilution solvent is water-miscible?

      What does gas vortex shearing do in evaporation? Why should I care?

      Common Mistakes in the Lab

      Are Your Proficiency Testing Results Failing for Method 1664?

      Hydrophilic Solution for Your Vapor Lock Dilemma

      Organochlorine Pesticides: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

      Why are my phenol recoveries low on my EPA Method 8270/625.1 extractions?

      6 Changes to EPA Method 8270 That You May Not Be Aware Of

      7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Solid Phase Extraction

      Improvements in Processing Drinking Water Samples Part 2

      Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Wastewater Extractions

      Improvements in Processing Drinking Water Samples by Method 525

      Tips for Improving Your Oil & Grease Recoveries

      Why are Phenols so Challenging to Extract from Water?

      What is the best way to dry extracts for drinking water samples?

      What are the differences between EPA Method 533 vs 537.1?

      Question and Answer Time with EPA Method 8270

      Reducing the Headache of Challenging Emulsions

      What’s Your Grade? I’m usually ACS, although sometimes I’m Reagent.

      Why streamline inline drying for EPA Method 1664b?

      The Secret to Tackling Dirty Samples

      Do updated water testing methods result in safer produce?

      Why are flow rates so important in sample prep?

      Which Media Type is Right for my Environmental Application?

      What you need to know before adding 1,4 Dioxane to your lab services

      What is the purpose of methanol in an extraction method?

      Understanding SPE Retention Mechanisms

      EPA Methods and the Use of Drying Techniques

      The Chemistry of SPE

      Why is it so important to air dry your SPE sorbent?

      What does a thermistor do anyway?

      Extraction of Polyphenols in Tea with Lemon

      Tackling Emulsions Just Got Easier

      Simplified BPA Analysis

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