Featured On Demand Webinars

Breaking through the EPH fractionation bottleneck with automation and multiple cartridge formats (55 mins)

Comparing QuEChERS cleanup techniques for quantifying pesticides by GC-MS (18 mins)

Selected Applications for Drugs of Abuse Analysis in Hair (41 mins)

Method Development Strategies: Key Considerations for Developing Successful Sample Prep Methods (51 min)

Rethinking Routine Analytical Workflows through Volume Reduction and Solvent Consumption (30 min)

Reduced Sample Volume Extractions for US EPA 608.3 (54 min)

EPA 608.3 - Modern Sample Prep Solution for Wastewater Labs (54 min)

The Problem of PFAS (28 min)

Practical Challenges in PFAS Extraction for Water Samples and How to Address Them (46 min)

The Might of Mikro (24 min)

Less is More - Microelution Extraction for High Throughput Bioanalytical Workflows
(51 min)

Streamlined Workflow with Improved Data Quality for Extracting Paraquat and Diquat from Drinking Water (58 mins)

Reduced Sample Volume Extractions in Compliance with EPA Method 1664 (48 min)

Perfecting pCats – Developing a More Robust UHPLC-MS/MS Method for Plasma Catecholamines using Low Volume SPE
(30 Min)

Extraction of New and Emerging Drugs of Abuse Prior to LC-MS or GC-MS Analysis
(49 min)

Mikroelution - Anwendungen der Biotage® Mikro in der SPE (German 56 min)

Trials and Tribulations of Fat Soluble Vitamin Analysis (43 min)

Novel Psychoactive Substances: what are they and how do we analyze them? (53 min)

Smarter Sample Prep: Your workflow from manual processing to automation (56 mins)

One Size Does Not Fit All: Considerations for Minimizing Matrix Effects and Maximising Recovery for Clinical Panels (53 mins)

A New, Streamlined Approach to Multiple Immunosuppressant Sample Preparation for LCMS analysis (40 mins)

Sample Preparation Using SLE for Clinical Applications Prior to LC-MS/MS Analysis 
(30 min)

Drugs of Abuse: Simple, Swift and Selective Sample Prep Strategies (50 mins)

Forensics: Old and New with ISOLUTE® SLE+ and GC/MS (25 mins)

The Validation of 25-hydroxy Vitamin D3/D2 using ISOLUTE® SLE+ (1 hr 10 mins)


Biotage® Extrahera™ - Automated Sample Preparation Platform (41 mins)

Practical Considerations for LC/MS Method Development of a Comprehensive Urine Pain Panel (57 mins)

Advances in Sample Prep Using In-well Hydrolysis (38 mins)

Practical Considerations Oral Fluid Collection Devices & SPE Method Development by Polymeric Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange (1 hr 2 mins)

Opioids: Choosing the Best Solution for Your Laboratory (44 min)

Demystifying Sample Prep - A Systematic Approach to Sample Prep Method Development for Clinical, Forensic and CRO Laboratories (1h 35 min)