Smarter Sample Prep for Urine Drug Panels

Solutions for Urine Drug Panels

Whether you have a few analytes or a very large drug panel to assay, Biotage can help you achieve better results through smarter sample prep options. The hardware and chemistry used for the sample prep is uniquely optimized for your workflow to simplify the process. We understand that labs vary greatly in instrumentation, so our solutions are broadly applicable, whether you are processing manually or on an automated platform.

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Not all SPE products are the same!

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS is optimized for Bioanalytical Sample Clean-up

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS is optimized for high throughput labs and provides better results using optimized hardware and a high-performance polymeric chemistry. It is ideal for the clean-up of plasma, serum, urine, whole blood and oral fluids when analyzing for large panels of drugs by LC/MS or GC/MS. The EXPRESS plate technology provides more uniform loading and flows for aqueous samples, resulting in less variation from sample to sample. This video shows how simple the extraction step can be.

In-well Hydrolysis with EVOLUTE® HYDRO offers Simplified Workflow for urine SPE Applications

EVOLUTE® HYDRO offers a way to do hydrolysis in a well (plates), or in a cartridge, prior to SPE, thus reducing the number of transfer steps and reducing sample prep time. Through innovative hardware design, samples flow easily, without plugging, and extractions are automation compatible. Read more in this Application Note.

Get Started with Supported Liquid Extraction

Developing new methods is easy when you follow the ISOLUTE® SLE+ method development chart in this User Guide. Look here for tips and tricks if you are already using SLE+ and want to expand its range of applications. Read More

Current Methodologies for Drugs of Abuse Urine Testing: A White Paper from Biotage

Analysis of drug panels in urine samples can be challenging, and the trend towards larger panels, including multiple drug classes, compounds the issues faced during method development. This white paper examines a number of aspects of sample preparation, and their impact on the success of subsequent LC-MS/MS analysis of broad urine panels. Read More

Ensuring sample integrity during your evaporation step

Plate evaporators play a crucial role in transferring the analytes of interest into an appropriate solvent for injection into the analytical system. This brochure outlines important considerations for setting up your 96-well plate evaporation step during sample prep. Read More