Smarter Sample Prep for Oil & Grease Testing

Biotage® Horizon 3100

Dedicated Oil and Grease Extraction

The Biotage® Horizon 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor automates the entire extraction process and is fully compliant with US EPA Method 1664A/B and Standard Methods 5520G.

Combine the Biotage® Horizon 3100 with the SpeedVap® Solvent Evaporation System, Solvent Recovery OG and Pacific® Premium Disks and Pre-Filters for a complete workflow solution. Read More

Biotage® Horizon 5000

Versatile SVOC Extractions

The Biotage® Horizon 5000 is a three-position automated disk extraction system that conditions the disk, loads the sample (20 mL to 2 L) and elutes the analytes all without user intervention. This system automates the Oil & Grease extraction process along with many other environmental extraction protocols. Read More

SPE-DEX 5000.9 Dirty

Pacific® Oil & Grease Disks and Pre-Filters

Fast Flow Rates and Excellent Recovery for Dirty Samples

Pacific and Pacific Premium disks are designed to provide the fast flow rates and high recovery values required when testing for oil and grease in particulate-laden aqueous sample matrices. When Pacific Pre-Filters are used to act as a barrier for the SPE disk, the ability to run even the most heavily-laden samples is increased so that almost no sample is out of reach of the SPE process. Read More

Speed-Vap® IV

Automated Solvent Evaporation System

The Speed-Vap® IV Solvent Evaporation System provides safe and fast evaporation of n-hexane solvent for Oil and Grease extractions. Read More

Biotage® Solvent Recovery OG

Capture your n-Hexane vapors

Used for the efficient automation of oil and grease extraction and attaches quickly and easily to the SpeedVap® Solvent Evaporation System. Read More

Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk

Vacuum Based Disk Extraction Manifold

The Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk is a solid phase extraction system for performing manual, disk-based extractions. The system is designed for high productivity laboratories and is an excellent first step for laboratories interested in moving from liquid-liquid extractions to solid phase extractions for sample preparation. Read More