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      Where Does Wastewater Come From?

      March 24, 2022 at 5:00 PM / by Michael Ebitson posted in wastewater, US EPA 625.1, epa method 608.3, wastewater testing, wastewater sources


      I can remember asking myself this question many years ago at my first environmental laboratory job. I was manually shaking out separatory funnels for EPA 625 and 608 and each sample looked drastically different from the next as I was pouring them into each separatory funnel. At the time, I thought the term wastewater meant anything that came from a sewer pipe and that it mainly consisted of human waste. When I looked deeper into the possible sample categories for these methods, I was very surprised by the different sample types required to be tested as wastewater. With that, it prompted me to ask myself well where does it come from?

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