Smarter Sample Prep for Drinking Water Testing

SPE-DEX 5000.9

Biotage® Horizon 5000

Automated Extraction System

Biotage® Horizon 5000 is a three-position automated disk extraction system that conditions the disk, loads the sample (20 mL to 2 L) and elutes the analytes all without user intervention. Read More

Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk

Vacuum Based Disk Extraction Manifold

The Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk is a solid phase extraction system for performing manual, disk-based extractions. The system is designed for high productivity laboratories and is an excellent first step for laboratories interested in moving from liquid-liquid extractions to solid phase extractions for sample preparation. Read More


Biotage® VacMaster™ 10 and 20 

Sample Processing Manifolds

Biotage® VacMaster™ Sample Processing Manifolds allow up to 10 (VacMaster-10) or 20 (VacMaster-20) SPE or filtration columns to be processed simultaneously under vacuum. Unused ports are sealed when not required. Easy to use vacuum controls provide excellent sample flow control, leading to reproducible, reliable extraction conditions. Read More

Biotage® Horizon SmartPrep

Automated Cartridge Extraction

The Biotage® Horizon SmartPrep is designed for simple automation of manual solid phase extraction (SPE) methods. Up to 12 samples per SmartPrep System can be run. To control the SmartPrep System, choose the front touch screen or the intuitive SmartPrep software. Run the same method or different methods for each of the 12 samples. Read More



In-line Drying and Concentration System

The DryVap® Concentrator System automates the drying, evaporation, and concentration of organic solvent extracts prior to chromatographic analysis, combining what were once manual steps into one automated process.  Combine the DryVap® with the Biotage® Solvent Recovery SVOC system to recover up to 95 % of the solvent vapor during the concentration process. Read More On DryVap®. Read More on the Solvent Recovery SVOC.

TurboVap® II

Automated Solvent Evaporation System

The new TurboVap® II is built on the solid foundations of reliability and peformance that made it the market leader for solvent evaporation. The unit provides parallel evaporation of up to 6 samples in either 50 mL or 200 mL glassware with or without end point detection. Read More

TurboVap LV

TurboVap® LV

Automated Solvent Evaporation System

TurboVap® is a second generation product for solvent evaporation which builds on the solid foundations of the historic TurboVap product line and incorporates many new customer driven features. It still features the highly efficient patented gas vortex shearing technology, which is synonymous with the TurboVap brand. Read More

Atlantic® SPE Disks

SPE Disks for Water Extraction

"Certified for Automation", Atlantic® SPE Disks are QC-tested in our lab to guarantee that you receive the highest quality results when using in conjunction with our manual or automated systems. Read More

Atlantic Disk

Atlantic® ReadyDisk

Solid Phase Extraction Disks for Water Extraction

Atlantic® ReadyDisks are solid phase extraction (SPE) disks, pre-assembled into disposable holders and are used for extracting organic and semivolatile organic compounds from aqueous matrices. The ReadyDisks are designed for single-use extractions with maximum speed and convenience in mind. Read More

DryDisk® Separation Membrane

Efficient Solvent Drying

The DryDisk® Separation Membrane offer an efficient means of drying solvents in organic extractions through the use of a physical separation membrane rather than a chemical separation process.  This eliminates problems such as unintentional retention of water-soluble compounds, over-saturation, clogging, and contamination. Read More




Sorbents and Formats for Reliable SPE

Packed with a variety of non-polar, mixed-mode, polar, and ion exchange sorbents, ISOLUTE® columns offer sorbents and formats to suit a range of applications. Read More


Advanced Polymer-Based SPE

EVOLUTE® sorbents provide a highly effective solution to the problems of ion suppression and matrix effects from dirty extracts. These high performance products allow scientists to use generic methodologies to reduce method development time while producing clean extracts for a wide range of compounds. Read More

BIOMARK002.172 - Steroid Evolute WCX image