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      Determining the Optimal Sample Size for your Sorbent Bed Mass

      July 26, 2020 at 8:00 AM / by Jillian Neifeld, MS posted in Extraction method optimization, Sample preparation, Evolute Express CX, Sorbent, Method development


      In this blog post, we will discuss how to determine the optimal sample volume for a sorbent bed mass.  We have developed an adequate solid phase extraction method for our laboratory. However, we're starting to notice some oddities when we extract and analyze our samples. Could we be losing compounds from our sample?

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      When should I choose a mixed-mode SPE?

      July 8, 2020 at 3:15 PM / by Stephanie J. Marin, Ph.D. posted in SPE solid phase extraction, Evolute Express AX, Evolute Express CX

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      Mixed mode Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) phases have become very popular for sample clean-up prior to analysis using mass spectrometry. Having the capability to retain compounds by two modes of interaction during SPE is useful when a large number of analytes with different properties are of interest.

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