Automation for Smarter Sample Prep

Automating Sample Prep Guide

A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Automating Sample Preparation

Faster turnaround times and the need to reduce costs, and suddenly sample preparation isn’t quite so straightforward.

Learn how automation plays a central role in maximizing the efficiency of sample preparation. Read More

Biotage® Extrahera™

Sample Prep Automation Robot

No More Tedious Manual Labour. Biotage® Extrahera™ automates sample processing and does it with engineered precision. Skilled analysts can be redeployed to other demanding tasks such as data analysis. Get repeatable and solid results – every time. Read More

Biotage Extrahera

Extrahera GLP Brochure

Biotage® Extrahera™ GLP Software

Manage. Secure. Network. Audit.

With our new GLP software package, users can combine the utility of Extrahera's advanced lab automation with the organizational features used under Good Laboratory Practices. Whether you operate in a GLP workspace, or you simply need to tidy up your lab's workflow, the Extrahera GLP software package has the tools you need to successfully organize your lab. Read More

Biotage® Lysera

Lyse or homogenize the toughest samples in seconds

Biotage® Lysera is the most advanced and easy to use bead mill homogenizer available. It is specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenizing biological samples prior to sample preparation.  Read More

Biotage Lysera


Biotage® PRESSURE+

Positive Pressure Manifolds for Smart Sample Prep

Biotage® PRESSURE+ manifolds deliver positive pressure, parallel processing for 96 well plates, 1 mL 3 mL and 6 mL column formats. The systems utilize a consistent, uniform flow of positive pressure to move both low and high viscosity liquids through SPE plates and columns. Read More