Biotage Webinar:  EPA 608.3: Modern Sample Prep Solution for Wastewater Labs

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Date:  August 15, 2022    Time:  1:00 EST


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Join us for a live webinar on US EPA Method 608.3 - Modern Sample Preparation Solution for Wastewater Labs.  US EPA Method 608 is a dual column method specifying an electrochemical detector (ECD) for analysis. The latest method revision, 608.3 specifically allows disk-based solid-phase extraction (SPE) to be used instead of liquid-liquid extraction. This webinar provides specifics on establishing a successful 608.3 extraction protocol as well as tips for overcoming potential problems encountered by environmental laboratories.


       Webinar Host:

Michael_E_8_CroppedMichael Ebitson
Director of Applications and Customer Support  
Michael is based in Salem NH where he supports Pre and Post sales workflow solutions and products for his customers. Michael enjoys working closely with customers using his knowledge and experience to assist them in overcoming their laboratory challenges and workflow hurdles. Michael has been practicing analytical chemistry for over 23 years. With his environmental biology and chemistry education coupled with his extensive experience he has developed and supported new and existing workflow solutions and products for customers in markets such as Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Vitamins/Supplements and Environmental Testing.